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I'm just here to help the ballclub

A few nights ago while channel surfing I came upon Bull Durham. It's one of those movies that you stop and watch (from any point) even if you have seen it 100+ times. I jumped in when Crash was tutoring Nuke on the classic baseball statements that we've all heard a million times (i.e. "I'm just here to help the ballclub"). It got me thinking about all the various SharePoint projects I've worked on and how, no matter the client or project scope, I found myself saying the same statements again and again. For Fun Friday, I thought I'd share a few...

SharePoint is easy to use but not intuitive

The answer to every 'Can SharePoint...?' question is always Yes* (*=caveat)

The best and worst of SharePoint are the same things

You can lead a horse to water but you can't force him to upload and tag his documents

It's not how you start but how you finish

All SharePoint environments start out the same... empty and valueless. The more you put in, the more value is recognized

Put the content closest to the people who know it

SharePoint is not the hammer to every nail

50% of the information you find in online blogs and forums is wrong 80% of the time

Planting seeds today does not put dinner on the table tomorrow

No, there is no security setting to give users "total freedom but lock things down"

You wouldn't ask your electrician to fix your faucet or your plumber to add an outlet. Align your resource skillsets with the right responsibilities

With great power comes great responsibility

Ask not what SharePoint can do for you but what you can do for SharePoint

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