Does That Meal Come with Hash Browns?

My family stopped at McDonald’s last Saturday morning to grab a quick breakfast while running various errands. When we sat down to eat, my wife complained that she thought her meal came with a hash brown (apparently she really wanted a hash brown). When I asked the cashier she kindly pointed out that my wife’s selected meal did not, in fact, come with a hash brown. Why am I telling you? This is NOT a personal crusade to introduce more hash browns into daily lives or a formal public apology to my wife for completely missing the (apparently) strong hash brown signals but to map it to what I do during the week (to afford the cost of extra hash browns).

When I talk to Office 365 users about the tools they are using I often start with “What plan are you on?”. This is often met with a slightly tilted head and blank stare. Huh? I then explain that Office 365 has various plans and each differs slightly with the various tools offered. In fact, your O365 plan dictates what apps are shown when you click the little square in the upper right corner of your Office 365 experience (called, by the way, the “Waffle”… see how I tied in the breakfast story!). As my wife complained to me, sometimes she wishes that the menu would tell you what you DON’T get with your meal. Therefore, as a public courtesy, I present the table below (provided my Microsoft) with the highlighted cells for what is NOT included in your Office 365 plan. Make sure your company knows if you really need that hash brown.


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